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Welcome to The Eques-Train internet page

The Eques-Train is able to offer an extensive range of equestrian supplies for horses, ponies, donkeys, riders, grooms, stables, dogs and fields.

From country clothing and footwear to books and gifts. Whether New or "Good as New" we have lots to offer.

Set out below is a guide to some of the products available at the shop. We welcome all visitors to the shop and appreciate that some people enjoy a peaceful browse. Please don't hesitate to request assistance as we pride ourselves on customer service. If you are unable to visit during the normal opening hours we are more than happy to accommodate your needs by offering a truly personal service by appointment at any mutually acceptable time. Please telephone Vivienne on 01773 550 799 or 07732 682 285 or e-mail


Where to Find Us

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We are a stockist for Shires Equestrian Products and carry a wide range of their stock in the shop. Everything in their catalogue is available but if we don't have it in the shop and you can telephone me before 12 noon on a Monday you will be able to collect your ordered goods on the same weeks Thursday, subject to the supplier stocks. We are also stockist's for many other brands and place regular orders to meet customer demand.


Swap Shop and Part Exchange Service

Bring in your "Good as New" items and if we can make use of your "wares" we can agree a "deal". You let me know what you need whether it's a piece of furniture, rug, coat, headcollar, gift voucher or anything else from the shop and I'll give you a discount as a return for your "goods". Anything considered from furniture, riding jacket and books to any unwanted gifts and presents. "Good as New" is the key. Aged goods and furniture could be considered "Good as New" especially if they are considered "Collectable".


Quality Embroidery Service

Quick turnaround, Competitive Prices. Please contact us for details.


Horse Clothing

Rugs for Horses and Ponies, Foals, Donkeys and Dogs for indoors and out.
Reflective and fluorescent wear, vests, fly rugs, rain sheets etc.

Bridles and Tack

To suit a range of budgets from economy upwards. Heritage English Leather, coloured and synthetic bridles, including Libby's. Padded to form comfort bridles, inhand, breastplates, martingales, reins, bit attachments, stirrup leathers and irons, lunge cavesson's, whips, canes, rollers, girths etc. Bandages, gamgee, poll guards, brushing, tendon, over reach, knee and hock boots, numnahs, cloths, pads etc.

Grooming Equipment

Boxes, Bags, Belts, Wall Hangers, Body, Dandy, Face, Hoof, Water and Sponge Brushes. Hoof Picks folding and with brushes, Mane Combs, Plaiting and Show production products, Mittens, Cactus and Sheepskin, Sponges and more. Coat Shine and Shampoo, Hoof Oil and Chalk to name a few.


Hackamores, Snaffles, Pelhams, Rubber, Steel, Copper, Cupro Nickel, Sweet Iron etc. Myler Bits and accessories for bits like lip straps, Curb chains of leather, elastic, chain etc. Fulmer loops and much more.

First Aid

Poultice Boots, Farrier Tools, Hoof Putty, Hoof Hardener, Muscle and Tendon Gels, Ice Boots and Packs, Thermometers, Itchgone, Sunburn Soother, Flea/Tick Spray, Weighbands, Gamgee, Epsom Salts, Anti Crib Products e.g. Cribox, Humane Twitch and more.................................

Stable Tools and Accessories

Fynalite Tools, Shovels (large and small), Rubber Matting Forks. Buckets including tubtrugs and Kangaroo tyre products, door guards, door and stable rings, bolts and fixings, haynets, haybags, haybars, hayracks, feed scoops, saddle racks and much more.........................................

Riding Hats, Skull Caps and Body Protectors

Available are a variety of styles to suit a range of budgets, being passionate about safety, in an effort to assist, we have invested in courses on how to fit riding hats, skull caps and body protectors. Also we carry in stock and offer a service of how to fit correctly Shock Absorber sports bras, so please feel free to request assistance we will be delighted to help.

Riding Clothes and Footwear

To suit a range of budgets, Jodhpurs, Breeches, Jackets for showing, Jumping and Dressage, gloves, Jodhpur Boots, Long Boots (synthetic and leather) Gaitors, Chaps (full and half, leather, suede and synthetic) Socks, Tops, Coats, Shirts, Stocks and much more.........................
Including Muck Boot Co. Footwear, Waistcoats, Waterproof Coats etc. General Country Clothing.

Gift Wear and Books

Tie and Stock Pins, Mugs, Books to read and Puzzle Books, Key Rings, Jewelery, Hat and Boot Bags, Calendars, Boot Jacks, Phone Holders, Caps, T-Shirts to name a few.



We stock many brands and sizes and the above list is merely a small guide to the variety of stock. Please feel free to make any enquiries.


Part of the inspiration for the name was the opportunity to make good use of my many years of experience and training for Horse Breeding, Breaking, Schooling, Showing, Teaching and Horse Show organising. We are able to hold a variety of informal information sessions on topics ranging from equine nutrition and genaral horse welfare to rider balance imperfections and how they affect the horse.

If you or your colleagues would like me to consider running a session covering a topic of particular interest to yourselves please contact me and I will gladly try to accommodate your request.

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